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A2 Tray denesting technology


denesting technology

Intelligent and tolerance-compensating

The A2 technology automatically compensates for the length, width and centricity tolerances of the trays. Tightly stacked trays without horizontal distances between them can now be denested without errors.

During the tray denesting proces, the A2 technology automatically compensates for the significant length, width and centricity tolerances that often characterise the way in which the trays are manufactured. This is unique because it reduces the risk of production shutdowns to almost nothing, contrary to competing solutions where even the smallest tolerance deviations often result in an unstable flow in the tray denesting and a large risk of a subsequent shutdown.

World first

The A2 tray denesting technology was recently developed for denesting of tightly stacked trays manufactured without a horizontal distance between the stacked trays. Thanks to the use of the A2 tray denesting technology production shutdowns have now been completely eliminated.

Speeds are now possible that were previously unattainable

Pneumatic drive unit – up to 150 trays/min.
(8 bar continual air pressure). Stepmotor as drive unit. Unique speeds of up to 400 trays/min.

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If you are looking for a more detailed and in-depth explanation about the great flexibility offered by the A2 technology and about how the one and same SPEED-DISP machine can denest many different tray variants, this document will provide you with the detailed information.

If you are looking for a more detailed and in-depth explanation of how JKT analyses the centricity differences that may be found when several different stacks of trays have been measured?

Then this document will describe to you how it is possible for the A2 technology to exploit fully the INTELLIGENT and TOLERANCE-COMPENSATING ability.

Jysk Konstruktions Teknik has over many years supplied professional tray denesting solutions for industry in Denmark and abroad. Our experience and know-how are today internationally renowned.